Putting a website together has never been so easy!

Silverstripe Page Elements is a layout editor making your life easier realising complex layouts in Silverstripe CMS.

Elements will revolutionise the way websites were put together.

Read about what elements offers to you:

...and the best is:

It's free and Open Source released under the flexible MIT License.

SilverStripe 3 is out!

It's been a while since this project was updated the last time.

Is there interest on having this extension ported to the 3.0 framework?

Show us some love on Github!


Page Elements has been moved to github.

Please get your latest copy from here

Download the latest version of Page Elements


  • XHTML standards compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible API
  • AJAX Interface
  • Clean, modern sourcecode
  • Object oriented PHP5 - built on the mighty Sapphire Framework
  • extensible jQuery
  • Free and OpenSource (MIT License)
Drag and drop Simple Drag and Drop Interface
Comprehensive API Comprehensive API
Silverstripe Built on Silverstripe CMS
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